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Mangás: Fairy Cube


Eu adoro o traço da Kaori Yuki! Mesmo com histórias esquisitas... mas eu afirmo que as histórias dela começaram a ficar mais light depois que ela se casou e teve filho.

Uma pena que aqui no Brasil saíram apenas Angel Sanctuary e Conde Cain/Gid Child. O jeito foi eu apelar para os volumes gringos.

Olha que capas lindas! Adoro fadinhas ^^

Fairy Cube (Japanese: 妖精標本 Hepburn: Yōsei Hyōhon) is a fantasy, gothic shōjo (targeted towards girls) manga written and illustrated by Kaori Yuki. Appearing as a serial in the Japanese manga magazine Hana to Yume from February 2005 to 2006, the Fairy Cube chapters were collected into three bound volumes by Hakusensha and published from October 2005 to July 2006. A related short story, "Psycho Knocker", appeared in the October 2004 issues of the same magazine. Yuki began Fairy Cube with the intent of writing a shorter manga. Set in a fictional universe in which a fairy-inhabited Otherworld exists alongside present-day Earth, the series focuses on Ian Hasumi, a teenager who can see fairies, and his childhood friend Rin. After Ian's body is stolen from him, he starts on a journey to reclaim it and soon finds himself in conflict with a group of fairies who hope to capture the Earth by opening a pathway from the Otherworld.

Viz Media licensed Fairy Cube for an English-language release in North America. It previewed the series in its manga anthology Shojo Beat and released the series from May 2008 to November 2008. A digital edition was published in 2011. Another English translation has been published by Chuang Yi in Singapore, and the series has been translated into several other languages. The series received a range of reviews: reviews of the first volume were generally positive, although the reviewers differed in their thoughts on the conclusion. The final volume placed in ICv2's list of the top 300 bestselling graphic novels for November 2008.

Fairy Cube takes place in a fictional universe in which an Otherworld, inhabited by a variety of fairies and other nonhuman entities, exists alongside present-day Earth. The series focuses on Ian Hasumi (羽住 衣杏 Hasumi Ian), a timid fifteen-year-old who sees fairies—invisible to normal people—and is stalked by Tokage (トカゲ Tokage), a spiteful spirit only he can see. In his backstory, it is revealed that before the start of the series, his mother, Kureha Hasumi (羽住 呉葉 Hasumi Kureha) left, causing his novelist father, Kazumi Hasumi (羽住 一巳 Hasumi Kazumi), to burn wing marks on Ian's back to prevent him from doing the same. Rin Ishinagi (石椛 鈴 Ishinagi Rin), Ian's abused childhood friend and secret "crush", later returns to the city where he lives after being separated for years. Stumbling upon the scene of a murder and seeing a man retrieve a cube from the victim's body, Ian follows him back to an antique shop, where the man, actually a Gancanagh named Kaito (界外 Kaito), gives him Tokage's fairy cube—a cube belonging to a fairy that can allow the fairy to take over the human who has it. Soon after, Ian is killed by his own father, who was manipulated by Tokage, and now exists as a spirit, with Tokage possessing his body. Returning to Kaito's shop and after a trip through the Otherworld with Ainsel (エインセル Einseru), a small yet powerful and vicious fairy in love with Kaito, Ian takes control of the body of a deceased young boy, Eriya Barnett (エリヤ・バレット Eriya Barutto). Moved by his determination, Ainsel agrees to aid him in his quest to regain his body.

Along the way, Ian encounters his maternal aunt Lise (梨世 Rise), a leanan sídhe like Kureha, who explains that Kureha left before she completely drained the life force of Kazumi; Shira Gotoh (神門 姿良 Gotō Shira), a cross-dressing girl born in the Otherworld who, as the chairperson for the multi-million land development company Gotoh Group, aims to restore the environment for the fairies; and Raven (レイヴン Reivan), Shira's supernatural bodyguard whose clan guards a "demon door". Additionally, Ian learns that Tokage grew up in the Otherworld, abandoned by his parents Kureha and Kazumi, but loved by a non-native fairy; when his village tried to sacrifice him to the god of war and death, he slaughtered them and the god escaped. To infiltrate Gotoh Group, Rin allows herself to be captured, and under the pretense of a beauty contest, the company plans to harvest the energy of the fairy cubes and bystanders to open a "demon door" to the Otherworld. Ian rescues Rin, and the fairy god Balor is revealed to be inhabiting the body of Shira's bedridden father and behind the plan. Ian eventually returns to his body through fairy magic, while Eriya's body accepts Tokage. Having been held captive by Gotoh for most of the series, Kureha appears and before dying, reveals that Tokage is Ian's stillborn twin. Shira is killed after cutting Balor's life-line, and Raven realizes that his fiancée, whom Kaito had seduced, had actually unsealed the demon door prior to the start of the series, angry with the two for playing with her feelings. Ainsel, secretly the consciousness of the door's sealing spell, and Kaito die together as a sacrifice to seal the demon door, as Ian and Rin help by letting the people of earth glimpse the fairies and using the energy of their belief.

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Tenham um bom dia!

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