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Takara Tomy: O que é Licca-chan doll?


Recentemente comecei a notar a boneca Licca-chan da Takara.
Eu sempre quis vestir minhas bonecas nesse estilo fofo de moda japonesa, daí pensei, porque não já comprar as bonecas "prontas"?
Ainda não comprei nenhuma, mas já estou fazendo planos...


Recently I started to notice Takara Jenny doll.
I've always wanted to dress my dolls on this cute japanese fashion style, then I though, why not just buy the dolls "ready" wearing it?
I still haven't buy any, but I have some plans...

Some wikipedia notes:

Licca-chan (リカちゃん Rika-chan), full name Licca Kayama (香山リカ Kayama Rika), is a very popular dress-up doll series introduced in Japan on 1967-07-04 by Takara, enjoying the same kind of popularity in Japan as the Barbie series does in the United States. The Licca-chan dolls tend toward a more Japanese body as far as height and features. Takara had sold over 48 million Licca-chan dolls as of 2002, and over 53 million as of 2007. Licca-chan was created by former shōjo manga artist, Miyako Maki, who is also the wife of Leiji Matsumoto.

Takara has provided an extensive background story for the Licca-chan doll, including an age, where she attends school, names and occupations for her parents, and her favorite books (Anne of Green Gables and A Little Princess). Licca-chan also likes Doraemon.

Rough Trade Records teamed up with Takara in the late 90's to release "Street Licca", who was a DJ that carried a Rough Trade record satchel, and mini, doll-sized LPs from the labels' artists. Along with her Ursula 1000, Gants and Spearmint records, she toted a pair of pink Converse running shoes, grey "leather" pants, headphones, layered hoody and a blond bob haircut. Street Licca was the ultimate "indie rock" doll.

In 2001, a pregnant adult version of Licca-chan was introduced which included a postcard the purchaser could send to Takara for a baby doll. The baby came with a key which allowed the doll to be returned to its standard proportions. The release of the doll happened to coincide with the birth of Aiko, the daughter of Crown Prince Naruhito and Crown Princess Masako of Japan, a factor which helped boost the sales of the new doll. Since then, other versions of Licca-chan have been introduced, including a new "Departure Licca", released just ahead of the 40th anniversary in 2007.

Doll Licca chan LD-01 wonderful Licca 
Doll Licca chan Mecha Mori x MISAKI

Hello Kitty Love Daisuki Licca Chan

Licca chan Pop make X TSUBASA

Licca Chan Prism Heart Doll Dress Clothes Cute Kawaii

Licca Doll Alice In Wonderland Dress

Licca Doll Clothes Studio Alice Collaboration Trump Queen Dress 
Licca Doll dance stage

Licca doll dress set outfit

Licca Doll fashionable pet shop clerk Miyu-chan

Licca Doll Golden Angel

Licca Doll Hatsune Miku

Licca Doll Hello Kitty Japanese Summer Kimono Yukata

licca doll Japan

Licca Doll Kimono

Licca Doll LD-02 Ichigo Doll 

Licca Doll Ld-09 Lesson


Licca Doll LD-11 Mint Active Doll

Licca Doll LD-14 Nightly League Doll

Licca Doll LD-14 Pretty heroine

Licca Doll LD-15 Sherbert Ribbon

Licca Doll LD-29 Sakura

Licca Doll Licca Chan Sweets Paradise

Licca Doll Licca-chan's and Kumamon Set

Licca Doll LW-02 Cool dots one piece Dress

Licca Doll LW-19 Lovely Fairy

Licca Doll LW-26 festival Princess 
Licca Doll Marchen princess

Licca Doll Merry-go-round

Licca Doll Mote-Kawa Curl

Licca Doll Step 2 Shopping

Licca Doll Sweets Decora House and Licca doll set

Licca Doll Sweets Doll

Licca Doll Sweets Strawberry Cake Dress

Licca Doll World Tour Kyoto

Licca's Friend Kanade

Licca-chan boyfriend doll prince Ren-kun

Licca-chan doll Kira hair curl Himari chan

Licca-chan doll My Melody love

Little Twin Stars X Kiki & Lala Love Licca Chan

Pripara Lala Licca Rika chan doll

Sanrio Hello Kitty Licca Doll

Tenham um bom dia!
Have a nice day!

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